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September 8, 2013
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Best Friends Brother - Eren x Reader [AU]

"Finally it's weekend!" you called when you came running out of the school building and fell down theatrically to your knees.
"(Name) calm down. You're getting yourself dirty." your best friend Mikasa said.
The black haired girl held out her hand to help you up. Grateful you took it and dusted your (f/c) pants.
"Mikasa it's weekend. WEEKEND. Isn’t that reason enough?"
"We have to do a project, there is not much time to enjoy ourselves."
"I’m sure it’ll be fun!”
Okay, that was a lie. The only thing you looked forward to was the knowledge that you would be in the same house as Eren and that would mean that you would get to see him.
Mikasa would freak out if she knew that you had feelings for her brother for over 3 years.


You and Sasha were visiting Mikasa at her house.
You all sat in her room, listened to music, talked and leafed through magazines.
"Does Eren actually have a girlfriend?"
Sasha started a new topic, what caused you to choke on your drink.
"No, and that's good. Every time I see those brainless girls around him, I just want to-"
Mikasa finished the sentence with a powerful punch on the table and left the room.
"I'm sure there is at least one girl that likes him, I mean he's quite attractive... Poor girl." Sasha laughed and stuffed a hand full of chips in her mouth.
"Yeah... Poor girl."

~ End Flashback ~

"Shall we head to my place?" the black-haired girl brought you back into reality.
"Umm, I'll call you later, okay? I still have to change my clothes... and get things done. Yes, very important things."
You were a bad liar.
"Okay, see you later."
She said goodbye, waved briefly and ran towards her house. Of course she noticed you didn't told her the true, but she didn’t really care.
It was true that you wanted to change your clothes, but actually you just didn't wanted to come yet.
Eren wouldn’t be here at this time. And the faster you would be done with the project, the faster you would have to go home, right?
Not that you'd be obsessed with the brown-haired boy, you just wanted to find out whether he had feelings for you or not.
When Mikasa isn’t around, he treated you differently.
That different was good, because he was more talkative, played now and then with your (h /l) (h/c) hair, with the excuse something would stuck in it, smiled a lot and made a lot of eye contact.
But when his sister was around, he just treated you like a normal friend. Nothing more.
And that is what you couldn’t stand anymore.
You were confused, every time it seemed as if he would have the same feelings for you, he treated you like everyone else again.
That’s why you made a decision at the beginning of the week. You wanted to have at least a hint of his feelings for you.
After 15 minutes you got home, threw your bag in the corner of your room and walked into the bathroom.
You prepared a towel for you and got into the shower.
Suddenly you remembered the beautiful (f/c) dress you had bought last week.
'I think Eren will like it and Mikasa won’t be suspicious because of the simple design.' you thought and laughed evilly for a better effect. Like the people on TV.
"What happened?" you heard your mother's voice calling from the kitchen.
You didn’t know she’s at home. The sound of her voice made you jump, you slipped and fell onto the ground.
"Nngh… Nothing! I just slipped and fell down while taking a shower." you called back in pain while held your aching arm.
"Again? That’s the third time this week." Your mother laughed and got back to whatever she did the whole time.
After you had finished showering, you dried your hair, pinned it up and changed into the dress and a pair of matching shoes.
You put some make-up on and voila, you were finished.
You brought out a large bag and put in clothes, things you would need for at night and some books for the project.
Mikasa didn’t know that you wanted to stay overnight, but she would know it when she sees your bag.
When you looked at the clock, it was almost 5 pm and you knew that Eren should be at home now.
You grabbed your phone and wanted to tell Mikasa that you would come over now, but a part of you hoped that Eren would answer the phone.
Apparently, God(the anime God of course) meant it good with you, because after a few rings you could a "Yes?” from the brown-haired boy.
"E-eren?" you asked surprised.
Although you wanted him to pick up, you didn’t really expect it and got a bit embarrassed, because of your plans.
"Oh, (Name), is that you? What's up?"
"I-I just wanted to let Mikasa know that I’m coming."
"Mikasa went shopping for dinner."
"Oh... Well, then I'll call back later-"
"Why don’t you just come over and wait for her?"
"...O-okay. I'll be right there."
After you hung up you pressed your phone against your chest and sighed in relief.
"He wants me to come... Should I interpret something in it?" you mumbled softly to yourself.
You gave your mother a short 'I gotta go', took the bus and drove to Eren and Mikasa's house.
As you stood in front of the door you took another deep breath, glanced over you if you looked properly dressed and ringed the doorbell.
Shortly after that, you could hear someone calling "I'm coming" and not even 2 seconds later, the door opened.
In front of you stood a grinning Eren, with slightly messy hair. You returned the smile, while holding your bag with both hands in front of you.
Your dress had the effect you wanted it to have. His eyes suddenly widened and his cheeks got slightly flushed. He turned his head to his side, while rubbing the back of his neck, so you wouldn't notice his embarrassment.
You had another problem. You had to bring your dangerously fast beating heart under control, because it felt as if would jump out of your chest by any chance.
When he let you in, your smile disappeared as quickly as it had come.
You saw some of his friends sitting on the couch. Immediately you put on a fake smile.
If you are not mistaken, then their names were Armin, Connie, Reiner, Bertholdt and Jean.
Seeing Jean surprised you. Everyone in school knew that they didn’t like each other.
...Maybe he wanted to hit on Mikasa...?
"Umm... I'll go upstairs and wait for Mikasa."
As you tried to go upstairs, Eren grabbed you wrist gently.
"Wait a minute. Why don't you sit with us? It's more fun than sitting alone in Mikasa's room."
You turned your head in his direction and stared directly in his green-blue eyes.
You couldn't say 'No' to this eyes.
"I guess so…"
The attention of the guys in the room finally brought you two into focus... Well, more or less.
"Woah, (Name)..." Reiner exclaimed.
"You look gorgeous!" Connie finished Reiner's sentence.
"T-thank you..." you stuttered feeling a bit embarrassed.
Jean and Berthold cheek's were slightly flushed and Armin fixed his gaze on Eren.
While you were getting compliments, Eren was just annoyed by his friends.
And since Armin is a good friend, of course, his duty was to the carry out the remaining guys, so you and Eren could be on your own.
Armin must have told them something important, because the guys literally jumped up from the sofa and headed out of the door without saying properly goodbye.
Just as Eren wanted to say something, the door opened and Mikasa came in.
She looked at the bag in your hand and asked: "You want to finish the project over the weekend?"
Slightly surprised you gave her a brief nod.
Without another word, she went into the kitchen.
Eren tried to start a new sentence, but the black-haired called him from the kitchen.
"Eren. Will you please pick up a few things from the basement?"
He gave a frustrated sigh.
"Ugh, what do you need?" he asked as he walked towards the kitchen.
You went upstairs to unpack your things.
When you were about to reach for the doorknob, two strong arms got hold of your shoulders, turned you around and in the next moment, you felt a pair of lips smashed onto yours.
Your eyes widened, but the moment you realized that Eren was kissing you, you kissed him back and wrapped your arms around his neck.
When you parted, because of the lack of air, he leaned his forehead against yours and looked deep into your (e/c) eyes.
"I-I didn't want to be disturbed again, (Name )..."
The brown-haired boy flushed and you chuckled.
"I love you."
"I love you too." you replied with a smile and a tomato red face.
You two came back to reality when someone cleared his throat behind you.
"Mashed potatoes or rice?" Mikasa asked blunt.
"..Mashed potatoes..." You two said simultaneously.
She was satisfied with the answer and headed back to the kitchen.
You gave Eren a quick kiss on the mouth before you went down the stairs while holding hands.
Mission accomplished.
I have a confession to make... I was really lazy and just put the german text into google translator and looked a bit over the mistakes :icontamakisulkplz:
BUUUUUUUUUUUUT I finally corrected everything I saw was wrong. Phew. I can't believe some of you really liked it, even thought some parts were ridiculously bad written. I think it's okay now? If you see something, just tell me.

Anyway, hope you liked it~! :iconrikkavplz:
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The title is one of my favorite songs XD.

Mikasa please don't murder me in my sleep
LikaTheLunchen Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
To be honest, I was listening to the song while writing this. My best friend kept sending me the song, because it reminded her of me. So yeah I guess it's kind of based of the song, haha.
Nightstardoesart Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah....It reminds me of my OCs xD
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